Educations primary motive?

What should be educations primary motivation?

Some people believe that teaching morality should be the foundation of education. Others believe that teaching a foundation of logical reasoning would do more to produce a moral society.
Write a response in which you discuss which view more closely aligns with your own position and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should address both of the views presented above.

The view states that there are two different opinions as to what should be the foundation of education in order to produce a more moral society. Some people believe that teaching morality should be the foundation of education, while others believe that teaching a foundation of logical reasoning would do more to produce a moral society. As we are discussing the foundation of education which is one of the most vital tools that equips humanity to progress with time, it is necessary to take a balanced approach to this view. I feel that in order to build a more moral and inclusive society it is important to have morality as a foundation for education, but singular focus on morality wouldn’t suffice and this foundation built on morals is to be strengthened by teaching of logical reasoning.

It is important that humans are moral in nature and that there is mutual co-operation between people that come from different walks of life, only this will ensure a halcyon atmosphere conducive for all of humanity to continue prospering. If people are not taught moral values and their foundation is only based on logical reasoning, we may be faced with a situation wherein we have an extremely smart person who doesn’t have moral values and is not compassionate about fellow human beings coming up with a scheme that may put majority of humanity at stake. For example: If a really smart person X having had an education based purely on logical reasoning without any emphasis on morals comes up with a scheme to force isolation of old people, based on his logic that these are old people and don’t really contribute anymore to humanity and are just consuming valuable resources, it will end up affecting a large part of the population. What this person may not realise is that these fellow human beings who may logically not help in everyday activities, have toiled hard over the years and this is the time for them to relaxe, more importantly these people have valuable first hand experience of various situations which is much greater than bookish logical knowledge.

Also if logical reasoning is the sole foundation of education, we may be faced with a situation wherein an entire community or an entire nation is completely oppressed due to lack of economic and social development. For example: A leader of developed country who has had an education solely based on logical reasoning may stop aiding other developing countries citing unjustified costs , but what this leader may not realise is that by aiding developing countries he/she’s aiding humanity as a whole to progress, which is extremely valuable especially in the long run as these citizens from developing countries will also contribute to growth and this joint effort from people across countries , races , geographies will propel humanity forward. It will bring in diverse opinions which may not have been the case if all the leaders of the world are from a select few countries.

The importance of morality being a foundation of education has been illustrated above, however it is important to note that morality has to be strongly complemented by logical reasoning in education. This is necessary because irrespective of how moral a person is, he/she needs to be equipped to take logical decisions. A moral person may be extremely inclusive, but without having critical thinking and logical reasoning capabilities he/she may not be able to act during grave situations and his/her morality and compassion for other human beings wouldn’t serve him/her any good in such situations. For example: A leader who has had an education solely based on morals is faced with a situation wherein people in his/her community are falling sick because of a deadly contagious disease, this leader should have the necessary logical reasoning capability to isolate these infected people into a separate area and provide treatment to them there. Had the person not had these logical thinking skills, he/she may not act and the entire community will be affected. So it is clear that the morality should be at the foundation of education, however morality has to be closely complemented with logical reasoning to strengthen this foundation. After all we are stronger together.

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