Individual dreams vs Enforced Goals??

Pursue Individual dreams or Enforced Goals??

Claim: Even though young people often receive the advice to “follow your dreams,” more emphasis should be placed on picking worthy goals. Reason: Many people’s dreams are inherently selfish.
Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the claim AND the reason on which that claim is based.

The claim states that even though young people are often advised to ‘follow their dreams’, there should be a greater emphasis on picking worthy goals. The reason stated is that many people’s dreams are selfish. The reasoning may seem valid, but I partially disagree with the claim as it restricts the younger generation of people to have goals that are considered worthy in the general society, which will eventually result in a glut of people following very similar dreams and hence restrict the progress. Firstly when an emphasis on placed on picking worthy goals instead of following your dreams we are restricting the younger people from thinking out of the box, thereby restricting innovation. This will hence lead to a stagnation of progress that humans make. For example: In the 18th century one of the worthy goals was to be a member in the Royal Court, had everyone in 18th century been a member in the royal court we wouldn’t have seen the progress we have today. Had Thomas Edison not relentlessly pursued his dream of inventing the Tubelight, we might not have had tube lights. His passion for ensuring success of his dream, has resulted in making people’s lives so easy that todays generation don’t imagine a world without lights.

Another important point to consider is that humans as a race have evolved into a composition of set of diverse and extremely different people. Everyone has different thoughts and ideas and we are not primitive beings like ants or rodents who are only concerned with extremely cardinal aspects of life like mating and food consumption. This evolution has empowered us to be different, and we should respect this aspect and nurture the younger generation to build on top of our achievements, make further progress than what has been possible in the previous generations. The worthy goals have to be set by the younger generation, worthy goals can be set by following one’s dreams as well. For example: If a person who was extremely passionate about singing is exhorted to take up engineering may end up as a mediocre engineer, had the person been given the freedom to choose his/her area and follow the dreams, we might have had an excellent singer. Emphasis should be laid on pursuit of excellence in the chosen field not on pursuit of goals viewed as worthy by the society in general.

The reasoning given states that many people are selfish and the dreams they choose maybe selfish and may not benefit the entire humanity. However it is important to note that any success which is achieved by an individual is not restricted to the individual is not necessarily restricted to the individual itself, it could be extended to help the society in general. Even if the success it can’t be replicated across the world, it will serve as an inspiration to other people to take up solving the problem given that it has successfully been solved.

Further todays younger people are tomorrows citizens and they should learn to take important and difficult decisions, if following their dreams leads to a failure the younger people should be able to introspect and understand why something failed. They should be encouraged to possess critical skills to ensure that they don’t repeat their mistakes. After all failure is a great teacher. Had our ancestors been coaxed to pursue worthy goals, they wouldn’t have tried out a variety of fields, we might have still been a primitive savage race, only concerned about hunting and procreation.

It is clear that restricting people to pursue goals viewed as worthy by the society in general is harmful to the progress humans make as a race, however it is important that emphasis is laid on becoming the paragon in the chosen fields. Further to tackle the problem of the inventions being restricted to a select few, we have to encourage and ensure that requisite information is available to all about the invention. The web is a powerful medium that has already enabled this.

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