I have worked on a variety of Projects during my time at Intuit, India as well as during my undergraduate studies at NITK. A brief description of each of these projects are below.


API-Gateway and Service Registry

The API-Gateway provides common functionality like authentication, authorization, throttling etc for web-services behind it. The Service Registry is a centralized data-store that has the configuration metadata for the web-services in the enterprise. Although, I was on the gateway registry team for only a brief period, the learning was incredible. Was exposed to Microservice Architecture, Software Design Patterns, Web-Services, DevOps terminologies(deployment and failover strategies) and much more.

Application and Network health monitoring tools:

Built full stack applications that fetched data from a warehouse and created easy to use monitoring tools that helped narrow down source of application and network outages. Being one of the first engineers on this team, I routinely demonstrated the abilities of these tools to engineers, architects and senior leadership at Intuit.

Test Execution Platform

This was my first project at Intuit, India. TEP provided testing infrastructure for web and mobile applications as a service. I was a lead developer on TEP mobile, where we built an on-demand cross-platform(Android,iOS) testing grid for use by all of Intuit product teams. This was a part of the CICD pipeline at Intuit.


Routinely participated in hackathons and built solutions that eventually made it to TEP production.



CampusConnect was a platform for effective campus communcation. I was a co-founder and technical lead working across the full-stack consisting of Android clients powered by a python backend on Google App Engine. We received 5000+ downloads and a pre-seed grant of INR 300,000. This was my first experience of building market ready products and really molded my software development and leadership abilities. Product video below:

SemAcSearch: A semantically modeled academic search engine

Built an academic search engine prototype using Basic PHP, HTML, MySQL. To simulate a crawler, built a form that allowed users to upload Academic Papers. Uploaded papers were then parsed and keywords indexed into a MySQL Database. Implemented a configurable page-ranking module that allowed tuning of ranking parameters and the page-rank function used. This was then used to compare performance of various page ranking algorithms. This project was accepted as a paper publication at IEEE-Conference of Information and Communication Technology.

Github repo here.

TCP-IP stack

Simulated the entire TCP-IP stack in C, starting from application layer to physical layer. This was done as project for the undergraduate course on Computer Communication and Networking.

Github repo here.

Regular Expression Parser

Implemented a Regular expression engine parser in java. This was done as a project for the undergraduate course on Automata and Compiler Design.

Github repo here.

Sim Twit

This project was to find similar users on twitter based on the content that the user tweets/retweets. Carried out text scraping, classification with the help of scrapy alchemy and Dmoz web directory. USed algorithms like kNN, K-means clustering and random forest in order to classify

Github repo here.

E-commerce Website

Built a complete e-commerce website using the Django framework. This was done as a project for the undergraduate course on Database Systems.

Github repo here.

College App

Built an Android app that provided various functionalities like TimeTable, ExpenseManager, AttendanceManager all built into one intuitive interface. This was built as part of the undergraduate course on Paradigms of Programming.

Github repo here.

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